Wednesday, 4 December 2019

January 2020 News & Notes

Our local Women's Refuge thanks us for our support. They provide a vital service for families facing domestic abuse, and are careful to respect their privacy.

St Francis Church hosted confirmation of 7 candidates, and was beautifully led by Bishop Karen. Because the night was still she invited those just confirmed to take their candles [or light-sabres as suggested in her sermon] to shine God's love in the darkness. Our thanks to all involved.

Samaritans do a cracking job especially this time of year when many become depressed by a number of factors: short daylight, post Christmas, and cold. We give them regular support.

Worship at St Andrew's School takes many forms, and is led by a number of different people. Fantastic displays around the school illustrate particular topics. The link between St Andrew and Christmas has been explored. He was the first to understand that Jesus was the Messiah, and told his brother Peter to follow him. He understood Jesus as both human and divine, a bit like using 3D glasses to get a better depth of vision.

The Kelly bequest to the Mission Hall is much appreciated, and the Trust is thinking how best to improve facilities. Rev'd Kelly lived for some time in Sevenacres Road but retired to Bridport. His ashes were laid to rest with his parents' grave in St Andrew's churchyard.

Alice Davison-James was baptised at St Andrew's, and afterwards her mother Anna posed with John and Norah Tallon who taught her at the Church School.

Interviews for our new Team Vicar take place at the end of March, with shortlisting on 11 March. As part of this process we will need to complete our Team Constitution which will need to be signed off at our 2020 APMs. Do pray for all involved, and for those keeping things going at St Francis meantime.

A working lego model of a church bell can now be used to demonstrate how the rope turns the bell right over, and how timing is changed by pulling harder to slow down or softer to speed up. If you're interested in ringing do join a practice night at Preston or Upwey.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

December 2019 News & Notes

Join in any service any time but particularly over Christmas. There's a huge range published in the Register or on ; and a very Happy Christmas to you an yours.

We love taking weddings and each is different according to the couple's tastes. Here Christopher Comben & Stacey (nee Hodge) celebrate in glorious sunshine outside St Andrew, Preston.

What's Carol holding? It featured in St Osmund's harvest display, and was noticed by the congregation when they walked around the church as part of their prayers for thanks. It's a lotus flower seed head, just part of one imaginative display. Thanks to 'Flower Power' for all their time and skills in our seven sister Churches.

Sometime soon wedding registration will change and about time too. At the moment only fathers' details are recorded, so mothers will feature in the revamp. The method allowing church weddings to take place will change too, with computer records coming to the fore. Church of England ministers act as registrars, so we make sure everything is decent and legal!

Monday, 30 September 2019

November 2019 News & Notes

Addie Rose Hambling was baptised in the Church Rooms in a family friendly setting, and where everyone joined in the singing and activities. The foyer was set up as a baptistery.

Groom and best man arrived in style for the marriage of Aaron Lees and Rebecca Small. Supporters and family included many children who joined in the occasion with enthusiasm, which made for a happy homely wedding.

Mo Gardner was given a special farewell at Weymouth Crematorium where her beautifully decorated coffin added to the sense of celebration.

Lorraine Dobbins was licensed by Bishop Andrew to serve at Christ Church, Warminster. The music group was largely formed by young people, and a healthy contingent from St Francis was there to support Lorraine. We pray for God's blessing on her family and ministry.

Marlene Parker's ashes were laid to rest in St Osmund's churchyard on a sunny morning. Afterwards everyone there paid their respects by having a picture taken surrounding the site with their footsteps.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

October 2019 News & Notes

A good farewell for Lorraine Dobbins included many goodbyes, a social occasion, a traditional Holy Communion, and a contemporary time of worship. Her family received prayers and a collection to speed them on their way. We continue to pray for Christ Church, Warminster as she begins her ministry. We also pray for St Francis during the vacancy, and that we find the right person to take things forward.

Thanks for beautiful churchyards and gardens which are kept in such good order by many hours of patient effort. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to share the privilege, so do get in touch if you'd like to help. Upkeep of individual spaces is the responsibility of families concerned.

Anthony Matthews and Anna Frith married on a Wednesday. They left the church through a guard of honour, and toasted each other's health at the lychgate.
Each couple is different, so no two marriages are the same. We take care to craft what is right for families concerned, and bookings are already coming in for 2021.

David Carr served in the Royal Engineers so it was fitting to honour his time with them by laying his ashes on their flag. After a reading, silence, and prayers we laid them to rest in the churchyard.
Grieving is a privilege for those who mourn loved ones, and all are welcome to join services to remember them. 

Saturday, 10 August 2019

September 2019 News & Notes

Our thanks to Lorraine Dobbins for all the good she has done in the borough, and particularly in Littlemoor. Her final service is at 11.00am on Sunday 1 November, and will be a great opportunity to send her on her way with our thoughts and prayers for a new chapter in Warminster. She will be licensed by Bishop Andrew in Christ Church at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25 September. All are welcome to support her on both occasions.

Fantastic flowers supported by bells, organ music, refreshment and hosting teams, and a host of behind the scenes gofors made 'Pretty as a Picture' a huge success. Around £1,600 was raised for the Church and local causes. A big shout out for Caroline Crisp and her team whose skill and imagination brought the whole weekend together. The final Songs of Praise celebrated all these gifts, and thanked God for his blessings.

Bishop Karen is licensing Ally Kay at All Saints Church, Wyke Regis at 7.00pm on Wednesday 25 September. He will serve one of the largest parishes in the borough; it includes St Edmund, Lanehouse. All are welcome to support him, and to encourage Betty Port who has looked after the vacancy, and was once a curate at St Andrew, Preston.

Isabella Limb was baptised at St Osmund, Osmington in a happy service enjoyed by family and villagers. Afterwards the family posed by the main door.

Praise 'n' Prayer is a new venture for 10.00am on fifth Sundays in the Church Rooms. If you would like to help set things up, offer refreshments, or take part please get in touch with Canon Tim who can steer you in the right direction. This worship is largely led by lay people, so do come and join in the pilot because you might have a part to play.

A Tesla takeoff suited Paul and Leta Dowdeswell down to the ground as they sped away to the Springhead after marrying at St Andrew, Preston. A great crowd lined the road to cheer them on their way.

Friday, 12 July 2019

August 2019 News & Notes

Buckland Ripers Songs of Praise was hosted on a glorious evening, with the church looking fabulous. It was a fitting conclusion to the 'Thy Kingdom Come' days of prayer.

Congratulations to Lorraine Dobbins on her appointment to Christ Church, Warminster. Her last Sunday here will be on 1 September when we can gather at St Francis for a farewell.

Thank you Brian Ellis for many years of inspiring ministry across the Ridgeway Team, including covering maternity leave for Lorraine at St Francis; and oversight of St Osmund. A well-supported service included members of all our Team Churches, and was a great time of praise for God's faithfulness. Brian challenged us to be more effective in sharing the Good News of God's love with everyone in the communities we serve.

Thank you Lynette and Hugh for hosting a fantastic afternoon of jazz with scrumptious tea. The gardens of the Osmington Manor East Wing looked fabulous, and the hostess team worked their socks off winging teapots, scones, and goodies about. The jazz was an amazing variety. Brilliant.

Community Angels is in its 10th year and held a celebratory barbecue behind the Church Rooms. Thanks to the link between Preston Road Surgery and St Andrew's Church around 50 volunteers run a lunch club, encourage social activities, arrange transport, and 101 other neighbourly kindnesses. So thanks to all the Angels, and to Brian Sadler who holds everything together.

Monday, 3 June 2019

July 2019 News & Notes

Congratulations to our new LPAs, or Lay Pastoral Assistants to give them their full title. Judy, Theresa, Gaynam, and Pat were commissioned by Bishop Karen Gorham at St Aldhelm's Church. Here Judy is surrounded by supporters from St Nicholas, Broadwey.

Archdeacon Antony is paying us another visit to preach at St Osmund, Osmington at Hymns and Pimms 6.30pm on 14 July. All welcome to join in the festive atmosphere, and hear a cracking sermon.

We enjoy fabulous guests at our weddings across the Ridgeway Team. Here St Andrew's Church path is lined ready to greet newlyweds James and Rachel Rycroft.

Nicholas Papadopulos is Dean of Salisbury, and preached at the installation of the new Canon Precentor [ic worship] at the Cathedral. He suggested that every vestry should have a noticed pinned up to remind mortals that the Immortal God is our focus. Canon Tim took him at his word, and found it a liberation!

Pretty as a Picture is a flower festival planned for St Andrew in the first weekend of July. The festival will give away any donations received over the weekend, and will conclude with a Songs of Praise.

Friday, 10 May 2019

June 2019 News & Notes

Parenting is vital, and at its best the Church provides a great role model because everyone is welcomed and empowered. Individual circumstances don't matter: orphans, married, with children, single, local, divorced, graduates, struggling, craftsman [used without gender bias], musical, fulfilled, tone deaf, depressed, extrovert ... no qualifier excludes.

That's why on Mothering Sunday we often clypp the Church by holding hands as a symbol of a hug, and for a prayer of blessing. Here a small section of the human chain at St Laurence turned outwards for the picture, and as a hug to the local community.

Thy Kingdom Come is an international time of prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost [9 June]. We encourage you to take part in the many times of prayer we run each week, and to match that prayer with an invitation to someone else to join you. Prayers can be said in our Churches which are usually open during the day. St Nicholas, Broadwey have also set aside 2.00 - 6.00pm on Sunday 2 June. Do join in.

Great Eastertide events were celebrated across the communities served by the seven sister Churches of the Ridgeway Team. Thanks to all who decorated, sang, inspired, or joined in. Prayers were said on a journey through Broadwey which included the Wey ford, power lines, and railway lines. The driver waved as we prayed for God's blessing on GWR and SWR.

Many ask if they can give to support our Churches, and there are several ways. If a tax-payer, then your giving can be gift-aided, which adds a 25% refund of tax from HMRC. Please get in touch and we can provide a simple form to complete. Many give regularly by standing order. Our Churches have gift-aid envelopes too. We are very grateful for all gifts. Some leave legacies and these usually help us improve facilities.

No two marriages are the same, and so it was a delight to welcome Jessica Dadd on a particularly windy day, and in a prized Morris Minor bearing her father's name.

Our thank you to Brian Ellis is 10.30am on Sunday 30 June at St Andrew, Preston. This will be a team-wide service, and Brian will be preaching. All most welcome.

Friday, 29 March 2019

May 2019 News & Notes

How do we welcome and care? Both are covered by safeguarding training and practice. All leaders in the Church have DBS clearance and have been on various courses, both online and in groups. Policies are updated in the light of experience. However welcome and care is something for all of us, and this is made clear in the statement published every month in the Register.

Here it is: If you see something of concern, say something to one of the clergy, or a churchwarden, or a group leader. We share responsibility for safeguarding people from physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse. Records are registered under the data protection act no. Z6847063; leaders are registered under DBS no. 20262000000.

A thanksgiving for safeguarding takes place at 3.00pm in Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday 4 May. All are invited to take part, and the occasion will be led by Bishop Nicholas.

Pretty as a Picture is a flower festival planned for St Andrew in the first weekend of July. A happy community lunch was held in Sutton Poyntz Mission Hall to generate funds to set things up. The festival will give away any donations received over the weekend, and will conclude with a Songs of Praise.

On Another Shore is an opportunity at 7.30pm on 14 May in St Andrew, Preston to give thanks for loved ones who have died and are on the shore of heaven. All who are journeying through the pain and privilege of grieving are very welcome. Privacy will be respected, and the occasion will include an act of remembrance.

A Deanery Confirmation takes place 10.00am at Holy Trinity, Weymouth on Sunday 19 May. If you are interested pleased see one of the clergy.
Commissioning Lay Pastoral Assistants is vital to the role they play within our parishes. Theresa Clayton is among the thirty or so who have completed the course, so if you want to know more do ask her or one of the clergy. Bishop Karen will lead the event 7.30pm on 21 May in St Aldhelm's Church. All welcome.

Thy Kingdom Come is an international time of prayer between Ascension Day [30 May] and Pentecost [9 June]. We encourage you to take part in the many times of prayer we run each week, and to match that prayer with an invitation to someone else to join you.

Thanks to John Sissons on the Lantern published in last month's Register. It gave real insight into a fantastic project supported by our Churches and making a real difference in many lives. The trust also runs a charity shop in Chapelhay.

Our opportunity to thank Brian Ellis 
for many years of very faithful and inspiring service is 10.30am on Sunday 30 June at St Andrew, Preston. This will be our first team-wide service together, and Brian will be preaching.

Friday, 8 March 2019

April 2019 News & Notes

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Lay Pastoral Assistants play an important role within our parishes. Theresa Clayton has just completed the course, and we look forward to her licensing. She found it very valuable and encouraging, so if you want to know more do ask her or one of the clergy.

A long-term roof replacement is being sort for the south aisle of St Andrew, Preston. A temporary repair has covered gaps in the lead stolen from the roof. Thanks to Harry Barnes who is heading up this scheme, and all those working hard to upgrade our buildings.

Thy Kingdom Come is an international time of prayer between Ascension Day [30 May] and Pentecost [9 June]. We encourage you to take part in the many times of prayer we run each week, and to match that prayer with an invitation to someone else to join you.

A Deanery Confirmation takes place 10.00am at Holy Trinity, Weymouth on Sunday 19 May. If you are interested pleased see one of the clergy.

Thanks to all supporting Samaritans who do a fantastic 27/7 job making sure someone is available for conversation through a wide range of social media. Many of our Churches make donations. Volunteers have to keep their involvement confidential for obvious reasons.

Our opportunity to thank Brian Ellis for many years of very faithful and inspiring service is 10.30am on Sunday 30 June at St Andrew, Preston. This will be our first team-wide service together, and Brian will be preaching.

Friday, 8 February 2019

March 2019 News & Notes

Bishop Karen Gorham preached a good sermon to a full St Laurence Church during a homely Songs of Praise led by Philip Elliott. Harry Barnes acted as Bishop's Chaplain. Blessings were given [tactfully] over the new facilities as a sign of welcome to all in the community. Being Candlemas, the crib figures remained in place. As with all these kinds of project it was not without difficulty. Sally Pinhey was heartily thanked for heading up the task, and presented with some relaxation therapy at the end of the service.

Brian Ellis will retire in July after many years of very faithful and inspiring service. In typical fashion he is giving plenty of notice so as to make it easier for the Team to adjust. Brian has served communities over most of his lifetime, both in political roles and through Church ministry. There will be a chance to thank Brian at the end of June. Meanwhile treasure the gems he brings to worship.

Bishop Andrew has been installed in Salisbury Cathedral. He has many gifts, including giving beautifully crafted thoughtful sermons. His main stamping ground will be Wiltshire, but Canon Tim recommends hearing him if he ever ventures south. His installation took place on a winter's evening, which brought Cathedral light installations to life. This one nestles under the ancient yew trees of the cloisters courtyard.

Private and shared worship should play important parts in our lives. Our seven sister Churches offer spaces where heaven and earth are close companions. Many call when they know they will be alone, and some leave telling messages in visitor books. Holy space in a crowded world is precious. However gathering together is important too. One of our schools invites each class to bring its candle and place alongside others. It's a simple important symbol of sharing worship.

Friday, 11 January 2019

February 2019 News & Notes

It's not easy upgrading our ancient church buildings, so a huge thank you to those who are have had success at St Laurence, made an excellent start at St Andrew, and are seeking permissions at St Osmund. The upside is that these schemes will serve many future generations. Well done all who encourage such commitment.

Bishop Karen Gorham is leading a Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving in celebration of works completed at St Laurence. Why not join in at 6.30pm on Sunday 3 February? Parking at the church is limited, so please walk the last part if you can.

Bluebell's baptism was a great family occasion full of meaning, and a chance to express gratitude for the remarkable gift of life. She took it all in her stride with great dignity.

Our Churches have a good reputation for welcoming baptism families and friends, many of whom have not visited Dorset before. It is pleasing to hear how much they appreciate our hospitality.

Keith and Maureen Hennessy were married at St Andrew 40 years ago, and celebrated with a candlelit blessing where five generations of the family were present. As Matriarch, Betty Hennessy read a passage of scripture, and we joined in several carols.

Bell ringing is a fantastic skill and much appreciated. The young ringers who took part in a national competition featured in a January Blue Peter show. Over Christmas the call to worship was commented upon by visitors and locals alike, and of course last Remembrance Day was an important marker for peace in our world. This certificate shows those who rang in one of our towers. Nationally new bell ringers exceeded the number who lost their lives during World War I.