Friday, 5 October 2018

November 2018 News & Notes

11am on the 11th of the 11th will be particularly poignant this year as we recall the end of World War I, in which so many young lives were sacrificed. The names on our war memorials bear witness to the cost, but of course there's no such public record for the maimed. Do join in one of the services that day. Each will include an act of remembrance.
Most of our Ridgeway Churches have memorials in a churchyards, so as the growing season comes to an end let's hear it for all those who maintain theses spaces. It's a massive task, and warrants a massive thank you.

Patterns ebb and flow like the tide, and this time it's Evensong that's changing at St Andrew's. As of this month the Sunday evening services come to an end, to be replaced by Candlelight Evensongs on second, fourth, and fifth Tuesdays. Our thanks to all who have led Sundays over the years.

Our next Archdeacon is to be collated at Sherborne Abbey on Sunday 25 November. Penny Sayer has experience in sharing the Gospel, and growing Churches.

Next month includes umpteen carol services and there's space for everyone. Some will take place in small farmyard churches, and others out of doors. You're warmly invited to take part.

17 Dec, Our next Springhead baptisms take place after 6.30pm Open Air Carols, led by the Salvation Army Band. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.