Friday, 8 February 2019

March 2019 News & Notes

Bishop Karen Gorham preached a good sermon to a full St Laurence Church during a homely Songs of Praise led by Philip Elliott. Harry Barnes acted as Bishop's Chaplain. Blessings were given [tactfully] over the new facilities as a sign of welcome to all in the community. Being Candlemas, the crib figures remained in place. As with all these kinds of project it was not without difficulty. Sally Pinhey was heartily thanked for heading up the task, and presented with some relaxation therapy at the end of the service.

Brian Ellis will retire in July after many years of very faithful and inspiring service. In typical fashion he is giving plenty of notice so as to make it easier for the Team to adjust. Brian has served communities over most of his lifetime, both in political roles and through Church ministry. There will be a chance to thank Brian at the end of June. Meanwhile treasure the gems he brings to worship.

Bishop Andrew has been installed in Salisbury Cathedral. He has many gifts, including giving beautifully crafted thoughtful sermons. His main stamping ground will be Wiltshire, but Canon Tim recommends hearing him if he ever ventures south. His installation took place on a winter's evening, which brought Cathedral light installations to life. This one nestles under the ancient yew trees of the cloisters courtyard.

Private and shared worship should play important parts in our lives. Our seven sister Churches offer spaces where heaven and earth are close companions. Many call when they know they will be alone, and some leave telling messages in visitor books. Holy space in a crowded world is precious. However gathering together is important too. One of our schools invites each class to bring its candle and place alongside others. It's a simple important symbol of sharing worship.

Friday, 11 January 2019

February 2019 News & Notes

It's not easy upgrading our ancient church buildings, so a huge thank you to those who are have had success at St Laurence, made an excellent start at St Andrew, and are seeking permissions at St Osmund. The upside is that these schemes will serve many future generations. Well done all who encourage such commitment.

Bishop Karen Gorham is leading a Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving in celebration of works completed at St Laurence. Why not join in at 6.30pm on Sunday 3 February? Parking at the church is limited, so please walk the last part if you can.

Bluebell's baptism was a great family occasion full of meaning, and a chance to express gratitude for the remarkable gift of life. She took it all in her stride with great dignity.

Our Churches have a good reputation for welcoming baptism families and friends, many of whom have not visited Dorset before. It is pleasing to hear how much they appreciate our hospitality.

Keith and Maureen Hennessy were married at St Andrew 40 years ago, and celebrated with a candlelit blessing where five generations of the family were present. As Matriarch, Betty Hennessy read a passage of scripture, and we joined in several carols.

Bell ringing is a fantastic skill and much appreciated. The young ringers who took part in a national competition featured in a January Blue Peter show. Over Christmas the call to worship was commented upon by visitors and locals alike, and of course last Remembrance Day was an important marker for peace in our world. This certificate shows those who rang in one of our towers. Nationally new bell ringers exceeded the number who lost their lives during World War I.

Friday, 7 December 2018

January 2019 News & Notes

No two celebrations are the same; for every baptism family, wedding couple, or funeral gathering are unique. These are awesome times when we shout out what's important: the quality of our living, the depth of love, the miracle of life, its rich variety, and God who created and sustains the universe.
For Robert Janssen the friendship and humour he enjoyed on the golf course was an important part of his rich and varied life. His family are delighted to have the picture I took included here as a reminder of the guard of honour at his funeral.

The town was packed out on 11 November for the important commemoration of the end of the First World War, with our Churches holding amazing acts of remembrance too. St Nicholas, Broadwey included displays of local history, and ghostly outlines of those whose memory and sacrifice we treasured were placed in among the seats.
Our thanks to all our Churches for their creativity in honouring the peace, and praying that peace may be maintained. Thanks too for all the Christmas fun which can only happen because of many extras behind the scenes.

Friday, 5 October 2018

November 2018 News & Notes

11am on the 11th of the 11th will be particularly poignant this year as we recall the end of World War I, in which so many young lives were sacrificed. The names on our war memorials bear witness to the cost, but of course there's no such public record for the maimed. Do join in one of the services that day. Each will include an act of remembrance.
Most of our Ridgeway Churches have memorials in a churchyards, so as the growing season comes to an end let's hear it for all those who maintain theses spaces. It's a massive task, and warrants a massive thank you.

Patterns ebb and flow like the tide, and this time it's Evensong that's changing at St Andrew's. As of this month the Sunday evening services come to an end, to be replaced by Candlelight Evensongs on second, fourth, and fifth Tuesdays. Our thanks to all who have led Sundays over the years.

Our next Archdeacon is to be collated at Sherborne Abbey on Sunday 25 November. Penny Sayer has experience in sharing the Gospel, and growing Churches.

Next month includes umpteen carol services and there's space for everyone. Some will take place in small farmyard churches, and others out of doors. You're warmly invited to take part.

17 Dec, Our next Springhead baptisms take place after 6.30pm Open Air Carols, led by the Salvation Army Band. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Friday, 7 September 2018

October 2018 News & Notes

Levi Dailey and Nadia Kusminoff were married at St Andrew, Preston on a deliciously hot day but no worries because shorts were the dress code. The groomsmen had the challenge of finding the right brightly coloured bridesmaids. The occasion was great fun, full of meaning, and vows made with real conviction.
One little chap had received singing lessons, to make sure he didn't bark at the wrong time. Zulu proudly brought the rings up on his collar for the best men to carefully detach and present to Canon Tim for blessing.
There were links to Levi's time at St Andrew's School. His first teacher, Caroline Crisp arranged flowers while his headteacher, John Tallon played the organ and school secretary, Nora Tallon turned the music pages. Just goes to show that every wedding is unique, and has its own flavour.

Skylar was baptised in a lively fun-filled service with members of the family taking part. Her sister Jasmine topped up the font with plenty of splash, as prayers were said over the water.

Our next Archdeacon is to be collated at Sherborne Abbey on Sunday 25 November. Penny Sayer has experience in sharing the Gospel, and growing Churches ~ so we welcome new ideas alongside expertise. Meanwhile Antony MacRow-Wood, once team vicar here, is keeping oversight and in particular assisting St Osmund with plans for access and welcome. We are grateful for all the energy given to New Friends by Geoff Codd, who has recently stepped down.

17 Dec, Our next Springhead baptisms take place after 6.30pm Open Air Carols, led by the Salvation Army Band. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Friday, 3 August 2018

September 2018 News & Notes

Hymns & pimms are a good combination, as shown by the fun on display at St Osmund's. Thanks to David Parsons for leading the music, and singing a poignant solo. Traditional hymns were in the majority, but a few contemporary pieces stretched the repertoire.

Annabel is part of Go Bellistica youth band of bell ringers which came third in a national competition. Tom and Trish Garrett taught her basic skills, call-changes [simple patterns], and method ringing [complex patterns which produce tunes and huge variety]. If you want to know more just Google their name.

Hallie and Bonnie Brook had great support when they were baptised at St Andrew's, Preston. It was a lively happy occasion which included Holy Communion and/or blessing. Afterwards clan and friends gathered on the Church Rooms steps for a record of the gathering.

9 Sep, a Pet Service for all is being hosted 10.30am at St Osmund, Osmington. It's a great opportunity to thank God for companionship with creation, and you don't have to own a pet to take part. We have amazing RSPB and Dorset Wildlife Trust reserves on our doorstep, so it may be you'd like to give thanks for our home environment.Sam and Zoey Alvey pose after their July wedding, held on a very warm day with gentle sea breeze. It was a unique occasion reflecting the couple's tastes. No two services are alike, for each couple is unique.

17 Dec, Our next Springhead baptisms take place after 6.30pm Open Air Carols, lead by the Salvation Army Band. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

August 2018 News & Notes

Lloyd James Cranny & Leah Joanne Gilks were the first wedding couple to use the new church path at St Andrew. Family and friends pass on their thanks to all involved. The new lampposts 'watch over' as confetti is thrown.

Charley Moggeridge & Rachel Hallsworth had one of the hottest weddings this year. Service sheets were used as improvised fans. Their mothers witnessed signing of the registers, and father was best man for son. The bridesmaids and pageboy enjoyed the shade of the lychgate.

A Pet Service at St Osmund, Osmington gives opportunity to thank God for companionship in creation. Ten years ago the range of creatures was amazing: from dogs and cats [conveniently separated by pews] to ponies, grass snakes, snail, and hamster.
Humans in all shapes and sizes added to the mix, and no pet returned home inside another. Do put 10.30am 9 September in your diary, and of course everyone in the Ridgeway area is welcome.

Our next Springhead baptisms are on Monday 17 December, after 6.30pm Open Air Carols. We welcome the Salvation Army Band to provide rousing accompaniment. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.