Friday, 3 August 2018

September News & Notes

Hymns & pimms are a good combination, as shown by the fun on display at St Osmund's. Thanks to David Parsons for leading the music, and singing a poignant solo. Traditional hymns were in the majority, but a few contemporary pieces stretched the repertoire.

Annabel is part of Go Bellistica youth band of bell ringers which came third in a national competition. Tom and Trish Garrett taught her basic skills, call-changes [simple patterns], and method ringing [complex patterns which produce tunes and huge variety]. If you want to know more just Google their name.

Hallie and Bonnie Brook had great support when they were baptised at St Andrew's, Preston. It was a lively happy occasion which included Holy Communion and/or blessing. Afterwards clan and friends gathered on the Church Rooms steps for a record of the gathering.

9 Sep, a Pet Service for all is being hosted 10.30am at St Osmund, Osmington. It's a great opportunity to thank God for companionship with creation, and you don't have to own a pet to take part. We have amazing RSPB and Dorset Wildlife Trust reserves on our doorstep, so it may be you'd like to give thanks for our home environment.
Sam and Zoey Alvey pose after their July wedding, held on a very warm day with gentle sea breeze. It was a unique occasion reflecting the couple's tastes. No two services are alike, for each couple is unique.

17 Dec, Our next Springhead baptisms take place after 6.30pm Open Air Carols, lead by the Salvation Army Band. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

August 2018 News & Notes

Lloyd James Cranny & Leah Joanne Gilks were the first wedding couple to use the new church path at St Andrew. Family and friends pass on their thanks to all involved. The new lampposts 'watch over' as confetti is thrown.

Charley Moggeridge & Rachel Hallsworth had one of the hottest weddings this year. Service sheets were used as improvised fans. Their mothers witnessed signing of the registers, and father was best man for son. The bridesmaids and pageboy enjoyed the shade of the lychgate.

A Pet Service at St Osmund, Osmington gives opportunity to thank God for companionship in creation. Ten years ago the range of creatures was amazing: from dogs and cats [conveniently separated by pews] to ponies, grass snakes, snail, and hamster.
Humans in all shapes and sizes added to the mix, and no pet returned home inside another. Do put 10.30am 9 September in your diary, and of course everyone in the Ridgeway area is welcome.

Our next Springhead baptisms are on Monday 17 December, after 6.30pm Open Air Carols. We welcome the Salvation Army Band to provide rousing accompaniment. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

July 2018 News & Notes

John and Nicola Cartwright enjoyed a great celebration at St Andrew's Church, Preston. They were the first couple to tread the newly laid path into the Church.

St Osmund's and St Nicholas Cafe Church is on first Sundays at 10.30am at either Osmington Village Hall or Broadwey. All welcome to take part in these times of informal worship and fellowship. The music band is ace!

Our next Springhead baptisms are on Monday 17 December, after 6.30pm Open Air Carols. We welcome the Salvation Army Band to provide rousing accompaniment. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.

Mark and Karen Moderski were married in St Osmund's, Osmington on another glorious Saturday. The couple had made their own confetti from rose petals.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

June 2018 News & Notes

Maintaining and upgrading our churches is an important part of creating beautiful worship spaces. Our thanks to St Osmund's for mending the roof [boring but necessary], and St Andrew's for wheel-friendly access with improved lighting. All this is done with minimum disturbance.

St Osmund's and St Nicholas Cafe Church is on first Sundays at 10.30am, and alternates between Osmington Village Hall and Broadwey. All welcome to take part in these times of informal worship and fellowship. 

11 November = 100 years since WWI ended and it is hoped to ring all available bells that day. If you want to know more see or join a bell ringing practice at St Andrew's or St Laurence.

Friday, 6 April 2018

May 2018 News & Notes

A huge thank you for flowers and the teams that display them so beautifully. It's a great way to shout out that 'Christ is Risen!' These are from St Osmund's but there are fantastic examples in all our Ridgeway Churches, many showing a personal style. Thanks.

Osmington, St Osmund main Sunday worship is now at 10.30am [rather than 11.15am], and we're grateful to ministers making this possible.

Sunrise for the Son Rise as members of many Churches in the area gathered on Easter morning by Weymouth clocktower, which showed its lit faces in the dawn light. Worship included prayers for sharing of our Easter faith with local communities and with neighbours.

Thy kingdom come is a line from the traditional Lord's Prayer, which Jesus taught his followers. It is the theme of ten days of prayer, from the Ascension until Pentecost [or Whitsun as it used to be called]. You are warmly invited to take part in regular acts of prayer across the Ridgeway Churches, and a few extras thrown in.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

April 2018 News & Notes

Congratulations to St Francis and St Osmund
Paying our Fair Share is never easy, and these two of our Churches have struggled in the past. Well done on paying in full and on time.

Weymouth Crematorium
The team who run our crematorium are excellent, and have a personal touch. Facilities have recently had an overhaul which has been pastorally frustrating for those bereaved. Over the years grounds have been tidied and considerably improved.
For example there's a sensitively designed garden for those who have lost a child, or remember a still born. This sculpture is the centrepiece. May God hold us all in the hollow of his hand.

Our thanks to all involved in foodbanks
It starts with donations in our Churches, and then moves onto the chain bringing everything together for sorting and distribution. Here Neville and Elizabeth Wood pick up from both St Andrew's Church and Rooms. If you are interested in helping out do get in touch with a minister. 

Annual meetings, and a huge 'Thank you'
It's the season for Church Annual Parish Meetings [APCMs], when the past year is reviewed and there's a look forward too. So many do important jobs behind the scenes, and their role is vital ~ Thanks.
The rector thanks his colleagues for all their good ministry; there's mutual encouragement through a variety of gifts, an enjoyed a sense of fun alongside the gift of faith.

Osmington, St Osmund
On second Sundays the services now start at 10.30am, and will feature a variety. It may be that from next month all main Sunday worship will start at the same time.

Friday, 9 February 2018

March 2018 News & Notes

Mothering Sunday celebrates nurture
On Sunday 11 March, do join in the many different opportunities to give thanks for all that has been good in our nurture, and to rededicate our lives to the nurture of those around us.

Another Rural Dean has been appointed
Shortly after being appointed as Canon Tim's successor, Pip Salmon has found a new job in the Midlands. His final service is 6.30pm Sunday 25 March at Emmanuel, Southill. Nick Clarke has now been appointed as rural dean, but do remember him in your prayers because he's got his hands full: rector of a large team, relatively new to the area, a team vicar short, and needing to find 20% space for the new role.

Candlemas figures inspired worship
Roxanne Moss first created the figures used at St Andrew, Preston from Advent Sunday to Candlemas. They were given a makeover by Carole Anders and her art group, and helped the worshipping community and visitors to journey through the Christchild's nurture until he was presented in the temple.

Deb Smith is moving to Bridport
Later this year she will pick up the challenge of leading the Bridport Team, and can look back on her time at Wyke Regis with Lanehouse with satisfaction. She successfully brought the two Churches together, while at the same time maintaining their distinctiveness.