Wednesday, 10 June 2020

July 2020 News & Notes

Churches are open Sundays & Wednesdays for private prayer from 10.00am until 5.00pm, with everyone responsible for Covid 19 etiquette. You are asked to wear a mask, sanitise hands on entry and exit, place a pebble where you have sat down, and to avoid touching things. We begin gradually and cautiously. Other days the buildings will be looked so that any virus dies away.

Meanwhile many are involved with Church life through Facebook posts as canon.tim.west, Youtube by Philip Elliott, and any number of contributors with comments, recommendations, or generating their own posts. After all worship is with body, mind, spirit, and strength 24/7, not just on Sundays in Church buildings.

The Lay Worship Leaders [LWL] course for the borough begin this month with a taster session on Zoom. Successful candidates will be commissioned by Bishop Karen in March.

Baptisms and weddings have all been postponed, most into next year. Everyone has been very understanding in spite of so many arrangements having to be changed.

Most children are connected via the internet to schools, grandparents, friends, and neighbours. Canon Tim has converted the traditional battleships game into a railway theme, as below. A jpg file can be downloaded from his Facebook page.