Friday, 11 March 2016

April News & Notes

Congratulations to Lorraine and St Francis
At the last diocesan synod the installation of a laundry on the Church site won top prize for projects empowering the communities we serve. It's great to see a vision and sustained effort to help those who cannot afford a washing machine.

Annual Parish Meetings continue this month
These are all linked to times of worship, and give us opportunity to thank God for his blessings over the past year, to thank all those who keep our worshipping life in such good order, and to look forward with joy:
 10 Apr: 10.30am St Nicholas, Broadwey with Holy Trinity, Bincombe; 
          and 6.00pm St Nicholas, Buckland Ripers 17 Apr: 10.00am St Francis, Littlemoor
 24 Apr: 11.15am St Osmund, Osmington

It's clear some want more time to consider the team constitution. The latest draft, which has been worked up over the last year, is being presented at this years APMs with a view to signing it next year.

After Darcey Rose Anders' baptism
The Cafe Church on Valentine's day included a baptism relayed on the video screen so all could see. It was a meaningful and homely occasion, but the main interest for some youngsters was playing with pebbles afterwards!

Cover for Holy Trinity, Weymouth following Canon Richard Franklin's retirement at Easter
I have had a busy time working with Holy Trinity with St Nicholas, Weymouth to set them up for the coming vacancy. Ada and I will be alternating to look after the first Sunday of each month, starting in May. I am grateful to Harry Barnes who will be sharing All Stage Worship in Osmington Village Hall with me, and thus make cover possible.

Sun 8 May, Archbishops' National Week of Prayer begins
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called us to prayer every day this week. Of course that is something we should all be doing anyway, but the focus is that we should receive renewed power from God's Holy Spirit to share our faith more generously. There will be more details next month, but why not join in one of our many weekday times of worship. 
Sun 15 May, 11.15am Morningsong at St Osmund, Osmington
We want to worship God through the gift of music, and already have a number taking part with recorders, organ, and ukulele. Do get in touch if you would like to add to the variety.

Sun 29 May, 10.30am Deanery Confirmation with Bishop Karen Gorham at St Andrew, PrestonPlease let me know of any confirmation candidates, so we can make sure they are prepared. It will be a great opportunity to be together, with combined choir etc to meet our new bishop, and to pray and support candidates.

Sun 29 May, 6.00pm Ridgeway Songs of Praise at Buckland Ripers
If you have never been to this Church you have missed a real treat, so pencil this date in your diary.
Sun 12 June, The Queen's Official 90th birthday celebrationIt's great to hear of ideas to make this thanksgiving a meaningful time. What an amazing amount has taken place in her reign. Her strong understated faith is an inspiration to many.