Wednesday, 7 March 2018

April 2018 News & Notes

Congratulations to St Francis and St Osmund
Paying our Fair Share is never easy, and these two of our Churches have struggled in the past. Well done on paying in full and on time.

Weymouth Crematorium
The team who run our crematorium are excellent, and have a personal touch. Facilities have recently had an overhaul which has been pastorally frustrating for those bereaved. Over the years grounds have been tidied and considerably improved.
For example there's a sensitively designed garden for those who have lost a child, or remember a still born. This sculpture is the centrepiece. May God hold us all in the hollow of his hand.

Our thanks to all involved in foodbanks
It starts with donations in our Churches, and then moves onto the chain bringing everything together for sorting and distribution. Here Neville and Elizabeth Wood pick up from both St Andrew's Church and Rooms. If you are interested in helping out do get in touch with a minister. 

Annual meetings, and a huge 'Thank you'
It's the season for Church Annual Parish Meetings [APCMs], when the past year is reviewed and there's a look forward too. So many do important jobs behind the scenes, and their role is vital ~ Thanks.
The rector thanks his colleagues for all their good ministry; there's mutual encouragement through a variety of gifts, an enjoyed a sense of fun alongside the gift of faith.

Osmington, St Osmund
On second Sundays the services now start at 10.30am, and will feature a variety. It may be that from next month all main Sunday worship will start at the same time.