Saturday, 9 December 2017

January 2018 News & Notes

Thanks for foodbank donations, especially those covering the Christmas season. We really appreciate all involved in the 'supply chain' providing practical help to those who need it. Some university students have been forced to rely on foodbanks while vice chancellors are on obscene salaries ~ there needs to be more justice in the long term.

Thanks too for Christmas worship in so many contexts, and in a wide variety of styles. Our church buildings looked great, but it's the Church people that brings them alive.

Any idea where these can be found? They are both from east windows, and tell their own stories. One reminds us of the responsibility to nurture faith in the Church, through worship and learning, and in the communities we serve. We give thanks for our nurseries, schools, and colleges.

The other is an encouragement to all dyslexics. If you're going to make a spelling mistake, then doing so right in the centre panel of the east window is perfect. 

Jan 4, Preston St Andrew starts a 'cascade pattern' this month, with informal worship on Sundays at 10.00am and formal worship beginning at 10.30am. These feed into a time of shared refreshment and fellowship. On 28 Jan the first joint act of worship will take place.

Feb 12, Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent, when fasting begins in preparation for Easter. Some give up chocolate, but it's also an opportunity to do something new. Why not join a housegroup, or take part regularly in one of many opportunities for weekly prayer?