Sunday, 2 April 2017

May 2017 News & Notes

2 May, 7.30pm Open Deanery Synod at All Saints SchoolHere’s an opportunity for anyone interested to get up to date with what is happening in our area. It will also be Tim West’s last synod before handing over to a successor.Sun 7 May, Osmington Café Church starts
At 11.00 for 11.15am Osmington Village Hall will host its first Café Church, with everyone informally sitting around tables. Traditional and modern hymns nestle alongside drama, craft, and activities. The theme is growth, and the content has something for everybody. A 'pass the parcel' exercise was part of last month's thinking on sharing faith.

Tue 9 May, Tim West will be made a canon
During 5.30pm Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral our rector will be made a non-residentiary canon of Salisbury Cathedral, and lent the Preston stall. Twice a year canons meet in college to assist in the governance of our Mother Church, and act as ambassadors for the cathedral.

Sun 21 May, Rogation at Holy Trinity
At 10.30am Ada Whittock will be leading a Rogation Service asking for God's blessing on the land and sea. This is a shared time for West Ridgeway Churches, so there will be no services in Broadwey, Upwey, or Buckland Ripers.

The Ridgeway Team is growing together
The seven Churches running along Weymouth Ridgeway were formally made a team on 1 November 2015, and we are gently enjoying the companionship and variety offered by this arrangement. For the first two years Tim has attended all the annual meetings. Upwey's included handbells.
Now that things have settled he will no longer do so. The constitution that sets out how we work is nearing completion. We have tremendous scope for fun alongside faith, and opportunity to share that with all in the communities we serve.

Thanks to all who maintain our Church grounds
Philip basks in the evening sun outside St Nicholas, Buckland Ripers. The wild flowers looked fantastic due to wise management of the churchyard. It's a huge task, and is very much appreciated. If you are looking for exercise and company, why not volunteer to help out.