Wednesday, 3 February 2016

March 2016 News & Notes

Thank you
Our thanks to all who made Philip Elliott's licensing such a meaningful and real experience. Helen Williams and her team made us feel welcomed in St Nicholas and St Laurence School. Many worked hard to set things up, and strike camp afterwards; to lay on great refreshments and music.

Annual Parish Meetings begin this month
They are all linked to times of worship, and give us opportunity to thank God for his blessings over the past year, to thank all those who keep our worshipping life in such good order, and to look forward with joy. Here's the full set of dates:
 13 Mar: St Andrew, Preston
 20 Mar: St Laurence, Upwey
 10 Apr: St Nicholas, Broadwey with Holy Trinity, Bincombe; and 
St Nicholas, Buckland Ripers

 17 Apr: St Francis, Littlemoor
 24 Apr: St Osmund, Osmington

The Ridgeway website
A simple site is available at and it points you to other good sites. Full details of worship, and contacts are available. Thanks to our webmaster for developing this source of information, and for feedback from users that help with improvements.

Our Churches support a wide range of other groups: The Lantern, which operates near the railway station to support wayfarers or anyone going through a hard time; The Foodbank; WAVES, which is down by the harbour and supports young people; Samaritans; Julia's House, which is a hospice for young people; and so on. The website points to these organisations, so you can find out more.

Our Team Constitution, and meetings
At our Annual Parish Meetings we will be signing the constitution which has been circulated to all Church leaders. Once it has approval from the Bishop's Council, we will be calling meetings to work away at maximising opportunity across our seven Churches and the communities we serve. Philip will act as our Team Secretary to set up these conversations, the first of which will be a social so we can get to know each other.