Wednesday, 6 November 2019

December 2019 News & Notes

Join in any service any time but particularly over Christmas. There's a huge range published in the Register or on ; and a very Happy Christmas to you an yours.

We love taking weddings and each is different according to the couple's tastes. Here Christopher Comben & Stacey (nee Hodge) celebrate in glorious sunshine outside St Andrew, Preston.

What's Carol holding? It featured in St Osmund's harvest display, and was noticed by the congregation when they walked around the church as part of their prayers for thanks. It's a lotus flower seed head, just part of one imaginative display. Thanks to 'Flower Power' for all their time and skills in our seven sister Churches.

Sometime soon wedding registration will change and about time too. At the moment only fathers' details are recorded, so mothers will feature in the revamp. The method allowing church weddings to take place will change too, with computer records coming to the fore. Church of England ministers act as registrars, so we make sure everything is decent and legal!