Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Dec 2015 News & Notes

Thanks for the extras
Although it's not long until Philip Elliott will be licensed as our new Team Vicar on 1 February 2016, there are many who carry extra responsibilities. I am particularly grateful to Brian Ellis, who is mainly looking after our west Ridgeway Churches. I'm also grateful to Pam Thomas and Richard Pendrey for helping us out.

Only one change from our normal Christmas
We are running our usual Christmas pattern, with one small change. St Osmund's will have a Christmas morning at 11.15am, so I can be there after leading the St Andrew's service.

Only one small change when Philip arrives
Richard was unable to attend ministers' breakfasts in the town, or arrive at clergy chapters on time because of the Tuesday morning Holy Communion at St Laurence. I'm asking that we move to Wednesday mornings as from February, and I'm sure he will appreciate this move.

St Andrew's Messy Church is permanent
This multifaceted way of engaging with Bible stories got off to a flying start in September. It suits families with children of any age, and runs regularly 3.30 - 5.30pm on third Sundays in the month. If you would like to join in please ring 832529 for further details. Each session focuses on a theme, which is then tackled from lots of different angles. The pilots have been so successful that Messy Church will now run every month except August.

Our thanks to Iain for including Church news
It is much appreciated that our news is part of the Register magazine. We are grateful to Iain, who as editor produces such a quality magazine. A very Happy Christmas Iain!