Wednesday, 4 July 2018

August 2018 News & Notes

Lloyd James Cranny & Leah Joanne Gilks were the first wedding couple to use the new church path at St Andrew. Family and friends pass on their thanks to all involved. The new lampposts 'watch over' as confetti is thrown.

Charley Moggeridge & Rachel Hallsworth had one of the hottest weddings this year. Service sheets were used as improvised fans. Their mothers witnessed signing of the registers, and father was best man for son. The bridesmaids and pageboy enjoyed the shade of the lychgate.

A Pet Service at St Osmund, Osmington gives opportunity to thank God for companionship in creation. Ten years ago the range of creatures was amazing: from dogs and cats [conveniently separated by pews] to ponies, grass snakes, snail, and hamster.
Humans in all shapes and sizes added to the mix, and no pet returned home inside another. Do put 10.30am 9 September in your diary, and of course everyone in the Ridgeway area is welcome.

Our next Springhead baptisms are on Monday 17 December, after 6.30pm Open Air Carols. We welcome the Salvation Army Band to provide rousing accompaniment. If you want to know more please make an appointment to see Canon Tim.