Friday, 8 February 2019

March 2019 News & Notes

Bishop Karen Gorham preached a good sermon to a full St Laurence Church during a homely Songs of Praise led by Philip Elliott. Harry Barnes acted as Bishop's Chaplain. Blessings were given [tactfully] over the new facilities as a sign of welcome to all in the community. Being Candlemas, the crib figures remained in place. As with all these kinds of project it was not without difficulty. Sally Pinhey was heartily thanked for heading up the task, and presented with some relaxation therapy at the end of the service.

Brian Ellis will retire in July after many years of very faithful and inspiring service. In typical fashion he is giving plenty of notice so as to make it easier for the Team to adjust. Brian has served communities over most of his lifetime, both in political roles and through Church ministry. There will be a chance to thank Brian at the end of June. Meanwhile treasure the gems he brings to worship.

Bishop Andrew has been installed in Salisbury Cathedral. He has many gifts, including giving beautifully crafted thoughtful sermons. His main stamping ground will be Wiltshire, but Canon Tim recommends hearing him if he ever ventures south. His installation took place on a winter's evening, which brought Cathedral light installations to life. This one nestles under the ancient yew trees of the cloisters courtyard.

Private and shared worship should play important parts in our lives. Our seven sister Churches offer spaces where heaven and earth are close companions. Many call when they know they will be alone, and some leave telling messages in visitor books. Holy space in a crowded world is precious. However gathering together is important too. One of our schools invites each class to bring its candle and place alongside others. It's a simple important symbol of sharing worship.