Wednesday, 4 December 2019

January 2020 News & Notes

Our local Women's Refuge thanks us for our support. They provide a vital service for families facing domestic abuse, and are careful to respect their privacy.

St Francis Church hosted confirmation of 7 candidates, and was beautifully led by Bishop Karen. Because the night was still she invited those just confirmed to take their candles [or light-sabres as suggested in her sermon] to shine God's love in the darkness. Our thanks to all involved.

Samaritans do a cracking job especially this time of year when many become depressed by a number of factors: short daylight, post Christmas, and cold. We give them regular support.

Worship at St Andrew's School takes many forms, and is led by a number of different people. Fantastic displays around the school illustrate particular topics. The link between St Andrew and Christmas has been explored. He was the first to understand that Jesus was the Messiah, and told his brother Peter to follow him. He understood Jesus as both human and divine, a bit like using 3D glasses to get a better depth of vision.

The Kelly bequest to the Mission Hall is much appreciated, and the Trust is thinking how best to improve facilities. Rev'd Kelly lived for some time in Sevenacres Road but retired to Bridport. His ashes were laid to rest with his parents' grave in St Andrew's churchyard.

Alice Davison-James was baptised at St Andrew's, and afterwards her mother Anna posed with John and Norah Tallon who taught her at the Church School.

Interviews for our new Team Vicar take place at the end of March, with shortlisting on 11 March. As part of this process we will need to complete our Team Constitution which will need to be signed off at our 2020 APMs. Do pray for all involved, and for those keeping things going at St Francis meantime.

A working lego model of a church bell can now be used to demonstrate how the rope turns the bell right over, and how timing is changed by pulling harder to slow down or softer to speed up. If you're interested in ringing do join a practice night at Preston or Upwey.

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