Monday, 30 September 2019

November 2019 News & Notes

Addie Rose Hambling was baptised in the Church Rooms in a family friendly setting, and where everyone joined in the singing and activities. The foyer was set up as a baptistery.

Groom and best man arrived in style for the marriage of Aaron Lees and Rebecca Small. Supporters and family included many children who joined in the occasion with enthusiasm, which made for a happy homely wedding.

Mo Gardner was given a special farewell at Weymouth Crematorium where her beautifully decorated coffin added to the sense of celebration.

Lorraine Dobbins was licensed by Bishop Andrew to serve at Christ Church, Warminster. The music group was largely formed by young people, and a healthy contingent from St Francis was there to support Lorraine. We pray for God's blessing on her family and ministry.

Marlene Parker's ashes were laid to rest in St Osmund's churchyard on a sunny morning. Afterwards everyone there paid their respects by having a picture taken surrounding the site with their footsteps.

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